Over that past month, we decided to do things a little bit differently at No.Land Farming and partnered with The Link for a series of events. 

The Link is a company that curates experiences and opportunities for young professionals, entrepreneurs, as well as creatives to come together for meaningful conversations and networking while experiencing various brands. 

No.Land Farming was involved in three of these events, namely: First Thursdays at Unfiltered, Last Thursdays at Unfiltered as well as SlowCookedSundays. In all three events, we had the opportunity of pairing our Lemon Cordial with Sugarbird Gin. This gave our customers a chance to experience another way to use our Lemon Cordial and believe you me, it was well received! 

This pairing was facilitated by giving tastings throughout the event. The guests were first given a background of who we are as No.Land Farming as well as how we have come to produce our lovely Lemon Cordial. Second to that, guests were also able to purchase a full bottle of our Cordial (500ml) or our new travel size bottles(50ml) that are perfect to put in your bag and be ready for any occasion!  

We look forward to future collaborations and finding various innovative ways to bring No.Land Farming closer to you! 

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