Human Rights Retrospect: Is Conventional Farming as we know it sustainable?

We recently celebrated Human Rights Day, an important day in the history of South Africa. A day in which we are all compelled to reflect on how far we have come as a nation in bridging the gap caused by the injustices of the past that have impacted on the human rights of each and every South African. Indeed, our country has made immense strides in addressing the various issues that continue to infringe on the basic rights of South Africans, however, more still needs to be done.

On the contrary, taking a world view, the world itself is growing rapidly and in the coming years, the current agricultural system will not be able to keep up with the rate at which the population is growing. This could very well mean that the supply of food will be less than the demand for it. Therefore, as much as we can say today that we have been able to do a great deal to ensure that people are afforded the fundamental right to food, we still face a major challenge for the future.

These are the very reasons that drove us at No. Land Farming to find an innovative alternative to agriculture as well as seeking to learn about where our food comes from and how we can actually produce it ourselves.

Imagine a self-sustainable community that encourages the development of a shared-economy, where each member of society has an opportunity to play a part in that economy? We strongly believe that this will help reduce the amount of unemployment in our country as well as address issues of food insecurity and food wastage.  In, essence that is what we are about.

It is quite imperative that we rethink how we will be able to sustain ourselves going forward. Furthermore, also open up ourselves to thinking about innovative ways to do this. There are a few countries that have started to remodel the idea of farming and agriculture and South Africa needs to be one of those!

Read up on how we are looking to play our part, and join our network of No.Land Farmers!

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