No. Land Farming X A Little Bit of Both Collab

What do you get when you put two opposites together?

They attract!

Introducing… A Little Bit of Both!

Over the past year we have collaborated with up and coming recipe developers and food bloggers, A Little Bit of Both. This duo aims to bring African and Western cuisine together and uniquely showcasing how the two complement one another. Founded by Lukholo Makandula and Pauline Koen, both ladies are qualified in food and nutrition and enjoy sharing and discovering the differences and similarities of these two cuisines!

A Little Bit of Both have used some of our No. Land Farming products such as lemon cordial and olive oil to create a fusion of tastes. We were a part of their Maas-ter class demo day took place where we they incorporated our No. Land Farming Lemon Cordial into a cheesecake and a Lemon Cordial and ginger mocktail which proved to be a hit! Guests were also given an Amaasi-brined chicken with Arugula and bread salad which included the No. Land Farming Olive Oil and on their blog a winter favorite is the Umfino Pesto with fresh cheese curd gnocchi, once again using No. Land Farming Olive Oil. Over the festive season, we collaborated again using our No. Land Farming Olive Oil to make a tasty peri-peri sauce which made for a great gift idea!  All these recipes can be found on their website 

Give them follow on Facebook and Instagram: @a_little_bit_of_both_

In addition, the No. Land Farming lemon cordial and olive oil can be found on our shop

This year we look forward to further collaborating with A Little Bit of Both and trying new recipes together! 


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