What can I add Lemon Cordial to?

The sun is rising earlier and there’s a fresh smell of flowers in the air. Spring is in full bloom in South Africa and the days are only about to get hotter! What better way to quench your thirst under the hot African sun than with a refreshing, ice cold glass of No. Land Farming’s Lemon Cordial.

Following up on last week’s post on the benefits of having a lemon tree in your garden https://www.nolandfarming.co.za/2018/10/24/the-benefits-of-having-a-lemon-tree-in-your-garden/ , we will now share with you the ways in which to use our lemon cordial. So, sit back, relax and have your glass of lemon cordial ready.

We added our Lemon Cordial to many drinks for an instant kick but our top favourites would be adding it to the following:

  • Lemonade – if you have abit of a sweet tooth then combine the lemon cordial with some lemonade and you’ve got a new favourite drink!
  • G & T – after a long week at the office (or even a sneaky midweek drink) this trendy drink will get you ready for the weekend!
  • Ginger Ale – if you enjoy something that is both a little bitter and sweet then this is the way to go!

We recently introduced our Lemon Cordial Cheesecake at our markets which is absolutely divine! Adding the lemon cordial to the cheesecake gives it a unique twist and makes for a great dessert!

Finally, if you’re feeling sick then you can add our lemon cordial to your hot toddy of honey and hot water and you have yourself a delicious hot beverage to help you recover!


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