10 Easy Ways to Use Olive Tapenade

Our delicious homemade Olive Tapenade has become one of our best sellers because of its freshness and great taste. Even olive haters have become olive lovers after tasting this little gem. Here are some ways to work this tasty olive tapenade into your daily eats.

  1. Grill fish, steak, chicken and veggies with a spoonful on top for flavour
  2. Add a small amount to avocado on toast with a dash of lemon juice, salt and pepper
  3. Add dollops to pizza as a topping
  4. Stuff mushrooms and bake
  5. Add to carrots or cucumber slices
  6. Bake olive bread and add it to the dough
  7. Mix some in with your spaghetti
  8. Try over your lasagna
  9. Add it to a salad dressing
  10.  Have it on salty crackers

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