“Civilizations that get too far from the land are bound to decay” – JI Rodale

No. Land Farming is an agritech startup and social enterprise that makes it possible for anyone, with a fruit tree at home, to be an Urban-Farmer. We aim to create a network of Urban-Farmers across Cape Town – giving individual homeowners the opportunity to be part of a commercial farming operation that grows fruit organically to produce high quality fruit products.

All from the comfort of their own home!


  • Anyone with a fruit tree in their backyard can subscribe to be a No. Land Farmer, for as long as they please.
  • Visit our Consult Us page for any questions and gardening advice, to help you improve your yield, efficiency and profitability. Also let us know if you have a fruit tree!
  • We buy and collect the yield of fruit crop from our No. Land Farmers across Cape Town, during each fruiting season. And so the cycle repeats itself every year. We create the demand for your fruit! We have a manufacturing arm that processes your fruit into a range of fruit products.


Hout Bay Overhead

Our No. Land Farmers are spread all across Cape Town. We are always looking to expand our network. So check out how many of your neighbours are already No. Land Farmers, and get involved!





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